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The birth of a child is a blessing and the gift of a wonderful journey through many wonderful first experiences for the new mum and dad. The first weeks and months of the newborn’s life will see great developments in his or her growth and wellbeing, and the establishment of that special bond between parent and child. But in between the feeding, changing diapers, washing chores, followed by more feeding, washing and more diaper change, the body of the new mum can have little rest in the first days and weeks, let alone begin the necessary restoration process to recover from child birth.

The Chinese Confinement Practice

The traditional practice of ‘confinement’ in many societies is intended to restore the health and wellbeing of the mother following childbirth. In Chinese culture, confinement (“zuò yuè 坐月”) is typically for a period of 28 to 45 days immediately following the birthing process, during which the mum retreats to a restful environment and her health is nourished through carefully prepared and nutritious herbal tonic soups and food. Postpartum confinement for the mother and child has a long history and tradition in the Chinese culture, drawing from the healing practices of our ancestors. As the new mother’s body is weakened following the birth process, it is believed that a disciplined intake of the special postpartum diet is vital to removes blood clotting, dispels winds, promotes ‘chi’ & blood, and to strengthens bones & tendons. This speedy rebalancing of the mother’s health is vital in avoiding potential health problems many years later, such as migraines, joint pains and back aches.

Our Philosophy At First Month

At First Month, we take pride in helping to provide the new mum with the best start in motherhood. We do so through providing healthy food nourishment and quality environment, care and advice in the rejuvenation of the mum’s wellbeing while caring for her little one. The traditional confinement practice for many modern mums can be less optimal due to various reasons including lack of experienced support or knowledge of recommended confinement practices. Or, just a lack of home space for quiet retreat! With the right support, the confinement period can offer a great opportunity for the mum to recuperate and catch up on much needed rest, establish good feeding practice and enjoy bonding with her baby.

Experienced Hands

We have a team of experienced confinement nannies who will provide the day-to-day care of the new mum and her baby. Our confinement nannies have clocked up over many years helping many mums in this traditional practice.

Quality Nourishment

We source high quality Chinese herbal ingredients for our home-cooked confinement recipes as we believe this is important to the nourishment of the mother’s health.

Central Location

Our retreat center is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and convenient for visiting family members.

Tranquil Environment

Our center offers a relaxing, secure and spacious sanctuary for restoring the mum’s physical health and a clean & purified nursery space for the little one.

Personal Service

First Month is a boutique, low density retreat center offering personalised confinement support to each mum and baby.