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About Us

First Month Confinement Retreat Center

First Month is a postpartum retreat center which specialises in the provision of traditional Chinese confinement services to mums and her newborns in a high quality and private accommodation setting.

Our values at First Month are centred on the wellbeing of the mother and her little one.

Our aim is to provide high quality care in a comfortable retreat environment to rejuvenate the new mum and restore balances to her body after child birth, while the needs of her baby are carefully attended to.

We are a family-run center. We are proud parents of two little ones. We are also strong believers in the value of Chinese herbal food nourishment to our physical health and wellbeing, having spent many years in research, development and trade in this industry across the country.

As parents, and as friends of many parents, we have come across many challenges mums face in confinement at home or at other locations. Listening to these challenges sparked a very deep interest and our commitment at First Month to providing a better environment and solution for families embarking on the confinement process.